New Shoot for Naughty America


Alura will be shooting for Naughty America again in the next week or two! Please keep an eye out for the release and provide positive feedback. Alwys remember the fan feedback is how these companies decide who to hire! Below is the link to the Naughty America site and Alura’s previous release with them.

Support Alura Jenson

We all know that critics can sometimes be assholes and that they are not always kind. As a result the fans (us) need to be even more vocal when we support an entertainer. Alura Jenson is one of those entertainers that has shown an industry that men do like to see a real woman with curves in porn. In order for the companies to continue hiring Alura, they need to know that we want to see her. Please contact your favorite adult companies through email, twitter, etc. and let them know you want her hired! Brazzers for one has started to hear this message as they have now cast her in four films. Below are also two links, one to Brazzers forum and one to the Freeones forum, both of which are dedicated to Alura Jenson – please show some love!

New Brazzers Release

Sorry for being absent for a few, just been very busy. But on the good new Alura Jenson has just had a new release from Brazzers. Check it out and let them know you want more. I have included the link to the preview and the Brazzers forum that is dedicated to Alura Jenson – if you keep requesting her, they will keep hiring her!

Tweet from Alura Jenson (@AluraJenson)

Alura Jenson (@AluraJenson) tweeted at 6:45 PM on Sat, Jan 05, 2013:
Getting ready to start hair and makeup for my PR shoot for Power Exchange!! They’re making me a spokesmodel!! Woo woo!

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Score Group Link: Tweet from Alura Jenson (@AluraJenson)

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Tweet from Alura Jenson (@AluraJenson)

Alura Jenson’s computer had been hacked so she has not been able to communicate online very much recently. The good news is that the computer is fixed and she is back on line! Alura Jenson (@AluraJenson) tweeted at 8:00 PM on Wed, Dec 12, 2012: New avi…! Damien, you’re a GOD! ( Get the official Twitter app at

Message From Alura – First Date



A loving embrace and a smile that says many thanks. I owe this to all
of you
for sending me so many emails of admiration. It is the
appreciation of you
all that makes me confident I’ll be an adult
performer for a very long
I treasure getting to know each and every one of you, I imagine
to be a long distance lover with each message I read. Please,
sending them to me. I think about them all, wondering what each of
are doing during your day, what you’re thinking and how the day
treating you. A few things about me that you may not know that
this blog’s readers will discover-

I lay awake at the end of my
day, my bed is without a partner. It has
been for a long time. I miss,
terribly, the comfort of a warm body
next to me. There’s something so
beautiful and so sacred about sharing
such private, intimate vulnerability
with another. It’s not something
I take lightly. I think the thought of
having my heart broken again
would still be too much to bear, so, I wait. I
wait to be more careful
with whom I share my spirit. My values, my spirit, my
desire are all
telling me it’s time.

There are so many qualities of a
first encounter which will awaken
feelings of interest in my heart. We’ve
touched on those earlier in
the blog, about the personal qualities of a man I
enjoy. Now, I’ll
share what an ideal first date would be like.
Such a
romantic, I think meeting a true love would almost happen by
Originally friends, I’d be more inclined to fall in love with
a man if I knew
him well. See, knowing someone removes the necessity
for my mind to be
nervous, to employ apprehension. I must be able to
trust a man and his
character in order to truly give myself to him. To
spend time talking to him
and getting to know what makes him tick.
Also, I’d want to know if my true
self, the woman behind the
performer, would be enough to make him happy and
meet his needs. This
is done by spending time with him. Doing things and
experiencing new
memories in the making…..good and bad.

knowing someone, being comfortable with him, a maiden romantic
would be simple, thoughtful, and kind. My arousal will
activate itself. The
most sensual date I ever had, which I’ll remember
forever was on the living
room floor of my lover’s home. He lit
candles all around the room, the little
votive ones that give off only
a little bit of light. On the dinner table,
was a photo of us, in a
pretty little frame. The table, low to the floor, was
dressed with a
white cloth, the dinnerware in place. On either side was a
pillow to
sit on. It was breathtaking, how lovely the image was. I’d never
anything like it. Soft, romantic music was playing in the
songs I knew. Lyrics of love and lovemaking. This was all a
All of this, the thoughtful planning, the atomosphere, and
attention to my feelings was so perfect. No parading, no
to uphold. Just one person caring about another in the most
private of
ways. I felt as if I was the most special woman in the world,
comfortably at that table, feeling like nothing mattered except
me feel important and loved. I did.
Dinner was cooked by hand and
ready to eat as I arrived, the entire
evening was immaculate. I had never
felt so loved like I did that
night. It was a long time ago. I’m ready to
experience meaning that
much to someone again.
Simple things, like
flowers, might not mean that much to the average
person because it’s done so
much. To a woman, it means a lot. Flowers,
to me, are a way to say, “I’m
thinking of you, my feelings for you are
beautiful, like the vision of these
flowers.” Guys don’t typically
speak in ways like this, I think they can do
so with other means, like
flowers. You know, notes, emails, photographs also
tell me you’re
thinking of me. It never has to be anything dramatic or life
Just a friendly hello is enough.
Over the last three days, an
overwhelming influx of emails has
introduced me to many of you for the first
time. About a thousand of
you are saying hello for the first time. Thank you!
I truly, in my
heart, enjoy getting to know each and every one of you.
Learning about
you is such a pleasure. Some of you write to me often, some
every day.
You quickly become my favorites. You’re all so different, so
Real. I will respect your privacy and not share details of
messages, but, I will say that every time I hear from you, you make
feel important. For this, I’m grateful.
Please, my loving friends, be
patient with me. Please understand it is
my deepest desire to reply to all of
you, and, I will. The suprising
response to my invitation caught me a little
off guard! =-) Every one
of you will hear from me within the next few days. I
Your interest and your admiration are the fuel of my day. I can
truly express to you how much reading your emails and getting to
you means to me.

On a different note, I have been asked by
Rebecca Love to host Karaoke
XXX on December 10th! This is such a fun place,
I’d love as many of
you to make it as possible. The location is

Label Lounge
332 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102

The event starts
at 10PM and continues until 2am, depending on the
size of the crowd. There is
no admission/cover and you’ll all have a
great time! I’m inviting you all to
come meet me, take photos with me,
get some autographed 8×10’s to take home
with you. We’ll have a few
drinks and act silly. You can finally meet me in
person and the
evening is comfortable for people of all financial abilities.
I look
foward to it!

For now, my dear friends, I’ve got to run. It’s
time to get ready for
my feature show at the Palomino. I feel so stimulated
and so sexy when
I’m on stage. It’s almost like the choreography is a
masturbation of
my temptations. Dancing is like fucking for me. It’s an art
form, the
seduction. (I’m getting myself turned on…lol)
Thursday, I’m
performing and IR scene with a gorgeous, ebony BBW.
Please, look to my
Twitter for these pictures!

All my love and deepest thanks,